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Dr. Chuck Lawless is one of the leading church and denominational consultants in the country today. He and his team provide consultations that range from analysis off site to one-day visits to multi-month and multi-year contracts. Fees for the consultations are submitted in a consultation and fee proposal.

Some of the work of his team includes the following:

  • Church Health Assessment
  • Location/Relocation Analysis
  • Reversing Declining and Plateauing Churches
  • Strategic Planning for Churches, Denominations, and Parachurch Organizations
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Retainer Relationships for Six Months or One Year
  • Cutting-edge Research for Churches and Denominations
  • Community Analysis
  • Growth Obstacle Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sunday School or Small Group Health Analysis
  • Establishing a Vision
  • Facility Analysis
  • Budget and Financial Analysis
  • Staffing Analysis
  • Becoming a Missional/ Great Commission Organization
  • Community Research
  • Security Analysis and Training
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